65 Poppy Fleece 50g

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1 kg = 106.00 €

1 kg = 106.00 €

Material: 100% Fleece-Wool

It is excellent for all kinds of feltmaking, whether it is a wet felting done to create flat and shaped pieces such as garments, rugs, and tapestries, or nuno felt, or needle felting. It is a soft, natural wool fleece and it is the perfect for children as it is a joy to touch and work with and the process is meaningful, fun and easy.

Harrisville fleece offers the richest possibilities for spinning and felting

Each designed color has its own unique character:
- Soft nubby bumps,
- Variations in color tones & hues within a color choice
- Soft to touch
- Works exceptionally well when blended with other fleeces

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