Scheepjes Woolly Whirl 472 Sugar Sizzle

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Versandgewicht: 250 g
1 kg = 128,37 €
1 kg = 128,37 €

70% Baumwolle 30% Wolle
Lauflänge: 1000m/215g

Nadelstärke: 3,5 - 4mm

Maschenprobe: 10x10cm = 25 M - 44 Reihen

Handwäsche bis 40 Grad - nicht trockner geeignet

1 Knäuel wiegt 215g

Scheepjes Woolly Whirl is the warm alternative to Scheepjes Whirl and perfect for the cold seasons. This extra large yarn cake made of 70% cotton and 30% wool has extra long color changes and is perfect for making warm shawls and scarves. Just like Scheepjes Whirl, Woolly Whirl is a fully twined yarn that makes knitting fast and easy, avoiding the splitting of yarns. Each color switch is carefully tied so that you can hide the knits discreetly in your stitches.

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