Ashford Perendale, Romney, Rainbow English Leicester

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White Perendale Sliver – Made from hand‐selected premium fleeces The fleeces have been selected, sorted and skirted so that only the premium fibre is used to make this beautiful sliver which has been scoured and processed at our Mill in Milton. I must say this is simply beautiful fibre and is an absolute delight to spin!! Don’t let the “mid micron” make you think coarse wool, it really is delicious – long, soft and lofty!!

No mulesed!

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A beautiful high lustre wool with a well defined crimp ideal for medium to thick yarns.

Ideas for Use: 

Separate into individual groups of colour. 

Spinning : Open the fibre out and spin a soft single thread. Ply with a fine cotton, silk or commercial woollen thread to strengthen the yarn for knitting. The fine thread will be almost hidden in the yarn and won't obscure the fabulous colours.

Weaving : Use the beautiful shiney staples for extra texture in handwoven fabrics. Handknot the staples into beautiful rugs or wall hangings.

Felting :

Use the coloured staples as surface decoration. They look fantastic lightly felted into the surface of a natural colour felt.

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