Noro Silk Garden Lite

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Noro's Silk Garden Lite is the double knit version of Silk Garden - what a great idea!

This yarn is a mixture of

45% silk,

45% mohair

10% wool

Length: 50g = 137 yardes

Needle: 4,5 - 5 mm

Hand Wash Cool, Dry Flat

this combination provides you with a texture which is softer in appearance to Kureyon, but with the same warm results. This yarn is perfect for garments, scarfs, shawls, blankets and other worsted/aran patterns that you would like to add pizazz to. You will find yourself looking forward to each color that presents itself as you are working up your project - each color adding that little more which just increases the joy of working with this yarn.

7 wonderful striping colors available.


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