Ashford Rigid Heddle 80cm

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The Rigid Heddle to new weavers because it is so easy to use but still very versatile.

With "Clicker" Pawls, Cogs and Handles

New: Included Second Heddle Kit

and possibilty for direct warping by using the warping pegs (pck 14 pieces)-the warping peg set is not included, it is optional !!

You can use the loom to create cushion covers, table mats, fabrics and garments, floor mats, just about anything.

I've created a new warping process for this loom that can be done by one person and takes only a few minutes - amazing!

Included Accessories

PLEASE NOTE - Reed colour is now white for all sizes.

7.5dpi - 30/10cm reed, 2 shuttles, warping peg, heddle hook

clamps and easy to follow colour step-by-step Learn to Weave booklet

The approximate maximum warp lengths for each size loom using the warping pegs are: 
RH400 - Rigid Heddle 16 in. = 15.5 feet
RH600 - Rigid Heddle 24 in. = 22 feet
RH800 - Rigid Heddle 32 in. = 28.5 feet
RH1200 - Rigid Heddle 48 in. = 41.5 feet


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Rigid Heddle Warp Pegs (pk 14) Rigid Heddle Warp Pegs (pk 14)
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