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Cute as a bug! Made in the U.S. of 1/2" plywood (with a maple flyer and red-orange plastic drive wheel) and finished with a Danish oil, the Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel comes to you almost assembled. It is a Scotch tension wheel with double drive option.

It includes 2 whorls, 3 travel bobbins, threading hook, poly drive band and double drive band.

Wheel diameter: 16";

Orifice: 3/8";

Ratios: 7, 9, 10.5 & 12.5 to 1;

weight: 12.5 lbs;

height: 29"

Orifice height: 28"

. You can use your Matchless bobbins and whorls on this portable wheel!

Optional: tensioned attached Lazy Kate (attaches easily to the front leg & accommodates up to 4 bobbins), slow speed whorl, high speed whorl

Inportant: the picture shows the older drive wheel

The Ladybug spinning wheel comes to you almost 80% assembled.


Whorl Specifications

Product #

Product name


WS6708 Extra Slow Speed Whorl 3.2:1 and 3.6:1
WS6704 Slow Speed Whorl 4.7:1 and 5.5:1
WS6706 Medium Speed Whorl 6.5:1 and 8.0:1
WS6707 Fast Speed Whorl 9.0:1 and 10.5:1
WS6705 High Speed Whorl* 11.5:1 and 14:1
WS6709 Super High Speed Whorl* 12.0:1 and 14.5:1


Movie: changeing drive band


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Schacht Ladybug Lazy Kate Schacht Ladybug Lazy Kate
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Schacht Bulky Flyer Ladybug Schacht Bulky Flyer Ladybug
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Delivery weight: 0.95 kg
Schacht Slow Speed Whorl
58.00 € *
Schacht HighSpeed Whorl
58.00 € *
Delivery weight: 60 g
Schacht Travel Bobbin (Sidekick) Schacht Travel Bobbin (Sidekick)
59.00 € *
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