NEW Joy 2 Double Treadle ... Ultra Compact - Ready to Go - Sliding-Hook-Flyer

The Joy is the solution to portable spinning. You can take this wheel with you wherever you go!

The revolutionary design is ultra light weight and folds up to fit inside a carry bag. We have heard stories of spinners taking this wheel all over the world, on a boat, on a plane, a train or in a caravan!

It has scotch tension and four flyer ratios for fine to chunky novelty yarns.

The bobbins fit into the frame and the board folds flat.

The Joy comes to you assembled, lacquered and ready to go.

Made from strong furniture grade plywood. "And why the name? Named after Joy Ashford who with her husband Walter brought spinning wheels to the world... and because it is such a Joy to use!"

LINKS: Optional Accessories Assembly Guide WHEEL DIAMETER: 40cm (15.75")

ORIFICE HEIGHT : 35mm (1¼ins)


orifice: 1cm

RATIOS: 6, 8, 11 & 14:1 WEIGHT: 6kg (13lb)

New: More room between the bobbin and
tension knob for the tension spring

New: Nylon 2 piece universal
con rod bearings snap into

New: Strong polyurethane con rod
joints snap into the treadle
boards to give smooth
positive drive

New: Treadle boards are mounted
on flexible polyurethane
hinges for incredibly quiet,
maintenance-free treadling

All new informations, please have a look at PDF




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Delivery weight: 9.2 kg

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The Ashford NEW Freedom Flyer (SHFF)for Joy.

This flyer has been designed to allow you to spin and ply all of the fantastic, fun and funky art yarns you think of!.

It has huge 25mm (1in) orifice and hooks.

It is light and strong and super-quick to thread and it comes with a jumbo bobbin.

t will fit all Joy spinning wheels (note - it will not fit into the frame for folding).


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Jumbo Bobbin for the new Joy Freedom Flyer. Bobbin capacity is approx. 8 oz. (225g)

The Bobbin comes lacquered


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Delivery weight: 220 g

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Sliding Hook Bobbin will hold up to 30% more yarn due 90mm (3,5 ins) bobbin ends,

laquared, useable for Joy, Kiwi 2+3



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Delivery weight: 160 g

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