Raddle Kit

(cm: 40cm-16")

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NEW Raddle Kit:

For easy warping

Beam your warp quickly, easily and evenly every time with Ashford's raddle kit.

The raddle is made from lacquered hardwood and has steel pins evenly spaced 12.5mm/0.5in apart, with the centre pin marked.

It comes with:

lacquered raddle - stretchy "helping hands" cord and 2 steel rings (to hold cross sticks steady)

20 cardboard weavesticks

Learn-To-Weave on the Ashford Table Loom Booklet Fits all existing 40cm/16", 60cm/24" and 80cm/32" Ashford Table Looms.

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cm 40cm-16"

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cm: 40cm-16"
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cm: 80cm-32"
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