Rigid Heddle Warp Pegs (pk 14)

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only useable for Rigid Heddle Batch 157132 (05.09.2018)

direct Warping Option is possible with this kit on
rigid heddle looms, The Rigid Heddles  have holes drilled in the bottom of the rails so you can use your loom as a warping frame for the indirect warping method.

There are 14 pegs included in the set, this will allow you to choose a variety of warp lengths. 

Some benefits of indirect warping are the flexibility to use one thread of one colour, it saves space, even warp lengths, better tension control.

The approximate maximum warp lengths for each size loom are:

RH400 - Rigid Heddle 40cm (16") -  4.7m (15.5')

RH600 - Rigid Heddle 60cm (24") - 6.7m (22')

RH800 - Rigid Heddle 80cm (32") - 8.7m (28.5')

RH1200 - Rigid Heddle 120cm (48") - 12.7m (41.5')



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Ashford Rigid Heddle 80cm Ashford Rigid Heddle 80cm
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Ashford Rigid Heedle Loom Set 80cm Ashford Rigid Heedle Loom Set 80cm
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Rigid Hede Loom Set 24" (60cm) Rigid Hede Loom Set 24" (60cm)
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