John Arbon Textiles

John Arbon Textiles are a family business located in GB-North Devon. They are   making luxury yarns and fibre tops. High Quality.

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100% Wool

Compositon: 40% Devon Closewool  40% Romney  20% Exmoor Blueface

29 Micron

All the fibre in the new Appledore range is sourced from within 20 miles of our North Devon Mill, and, with a palette of unusual heathered shades, perfectly encapsulates our ethos. Like all our yarns, Appledore is steeped in our fibre heritage (all hail those vintage machines of ours). We have blended together Devon Closewool, a moorland breed with rustic and grippy fibre, with lustrous and characterful Romney and our old favourite, the gloriously bouncy Exmoor Blueface. The resulting blend is packed full of woolly bounce and a smattering of lustre, the perfect canvas for Appledore’s range of playful modern shades.

When creating Appledore’s palette we were drawn to the depth of tone found in traditional tweed textiles. Many of the shades in Appledore’s orchard of delights have been blended using four or five different base shades, creating a sublime richness to the colours. The shades are all named after different varieties (or cultivars, if you want to get all fancy) of apples that we have here in the West Country. Some of them are rather puntastic as we love a good chuckle round here…


10.50 *
Delivery weight: 115 g
1 kg = 105.00 €

100% Wool

Composition: 50% Exmoor Blueface  30% West Country Bluefaced Leicester

                             20% West Country Lustre Breeds (Wenslydale)

28 Micron
It is a very nice blend, very beautiflu for spinning.
11.00 *
Delivery weight: 115 g
1 kg = 110.00 €

90% Wool  10% Nylon

8.50 *
Delivery weight: 115 g
1 kg = 85.00 €

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